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Frequently asked questions

  • You hire premium German motorhomes, how are you competing for price with budget motorhomes hired elsewhere?
  • A variety of reasons. Established in 2007 we were among the first companies in the UK to be hiring motorhomes, this means we have a good relationship with our suppliers and an established relationship with our insurance company which helps keep our costs down. Significantly as we are based on a rural farm in a quiet location we don’t have a large forecourt with high rent and rates to pay as many of our competitors do. These savings we are able to pass on to you. We are aware of one other UK company who hires the same make and model motorhome as us. A week in Europe during August with us would be over £330 cheaper! This is over 30% better value for EXACTLY the same vehicle. We also don’t charge for any extras and don’t add payment fees or administration fees. The price you see is the price you pay, we like to keep things simple and straightforward.

  • Do I need a special license to drive the motorhomes?
  • No. All our motorhomes are under 3.5tonnes which means they can be driven on a standard car license.

  • Do you have any automatic motorhomes for hire?
  • Yes. One of our Weinsberg 700 MEH motorhomes has an automatic gearbox.

  • How many mpg do the motorhomes do?
  • Depending on which model you choose and how many passengers are with you you should expect to average 25-35mpg over the course of an average trip.

  • Do you offer a delivery/collection service?
  • Yes we can offer delivery and collection depending on availability, time of year and duration of your hire. Charges apply to for this service to cover the cost of mileage and our return travel.

  • How old do I have to be to hire a motorhome?
  • As standard we can hire to people between the age of 25-75. However exceptions can be made to this but would require potential hirers to have good driving history.

  • Can I take the motorhome into Europe?
  • Yes you are welcome to take the motorhome into most countries within the EU. Our insurers add £50 per week, or part of a week to cover this service.

  • Can I leave my car with you whilst I am away on holiday?
  • Yes, you are welcome to leave a car whilst you are travelling in one of our motorhomes. Unfortunately we do not have space for you to leave more than one vehicle.

  • I have endorsements on my license can I still hire?
  • Generally yes. Though any serious convictions or if you have more than 6 points it’s best to check with us in advance.

  • Will I need to return the motorhome cleaned?
  • Yes, we expect you to return the motorhome in a good clean condition.

  • Can we view the motorhomes in advance?
  • Yes, we are open 7 days a week. Though it is necessary to call us in advance so we know to expect you and can ensure that we are around as we are often off site.

  • Is there a mileage restriction?
  • Mileage is unlimited within the UK. For European travel we operate a fair usage policy, we loosely base this on 200 miles per day. Exceptions can be made to this rule in certain circumstances as long as the extra mileage is for genuine holiday purposes.

Less frequently asked questions

  • I’ve accidentally filled the fresh water tank with diesel, what should I do?
  • Well, what you absolutely shouldn’t do is then proceed to drive to an aquatic centre and buy 25 litres of chlorine and mix it together with the aforementioned diesel before attempting to drain it though every tap (and shower) in the motorhome. Thus causing us to need to replace the whole water system. Oh wait thats what you did. Thanks for that. Please can nobody, ever, do this again. Thanks

  • We have booked one of your campers on a special weekend rate that only allows 200 miles travel per day, yet we have done 200 miles and are still 3 miles from our campsite. Are we stuck here for the night?
  • Yes, I’m afraid you’re going to have to pitch up on the hard shoulder. I mean no but you’re clearly very lovely and thoughtful and are welcome back anytime. You can have those 3 miles on us 🙂

  • (At 4am) I’m trying to make a cup of tea, how do I know when the kettle is boiling?
  • Go to bed, and would advise you stay away from hot water and all things that could be dangerous. Or seek supervision. Thanks

  • Is there an easy way to put the mattress covers on?
  • Erm, well, you tuck the sheet round each corner and side of the mattress. Failing that we can only suggest you try your hand at magic. Thanks

  • We’ve booked a 5 night hire from Sunday to Friday but would like to make the most of our holiday so can we collect on the Saturday and return the following Saturday?
  • Ok so that’s a 7 night hire you’re after then? That is of course fine but there will be extra costs involved including, among other things, fees to cover the extra insurance needed. ‘We don’t think that’s fair!’ Ok thanks 🙂

  • Where is the handbrake?
  • Good question, we actually keep that in the cupboard under the sink just behind the washing up liquid. Oh wait no sorry, the handbrake, that’ll be the stick like thing, hinged to the floor with a button on the end, just next to the drivers seat, as these things tend to be (You have driven before right?). Most importantly how did you get three days into your trip without knowing this?.