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Frequently asked questions

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A variety of reasons. Established in 2007 we were among the first companies in the UK to be hiring motorhomes, this means we have a proven track record with our insurers and also are one of very few hire companies who buy direct from the manufacturer under main dealer terms. These savings we are able to pass on to you. We are aware of one other UK company who hires the same make and models motorhome as us. A hire with them for a week in August would cost £350 more for the exact same vehicle. We also don’t charge for any extras and don’t add payment fees or administration fees. The price you see is the price you pay, we like to keep things simple and straightforward.
No. All our motorhomes are under 3.5tonnes which means they can be driven on a standard car license.
Yes. We try to always have 1 or 2 automatic models available. Currently, one of our 650 MFH models is an automatic. We are trying to secure a second for 2018.
Depending on which model you choose and how many passengers are with you you should expect to average 25-35mpg over the course of an average trip.
Yes we can offer delivery and collection depending on availability, time of year and duration of your hire. Charges apply to for this service to cover the cost of mileage and our return travel.
As standard we can hire to people between the age of 25-70. However exceptions can be made to this but would require potential hirers to have good driving history.
Yes you are welcome to take the motorhome into most countries within the EU. Our insurers add £50 per week, or part of a week to cover this service.
Yes, you are welcome to leave a car whilst you are travelling in one of our motorhomes. Unfortunately we do not have space for you to leave more than one vehicle.
Generally yes. Though any serious convictions or if you have more than 6 points it’s best to check with us in advance.
Yes, we expect you to return the motorhome in a good clean condition.
Yes, we are open 7 days a week. Though it is necessary to call us in advance so we know to expect you and can ensure that we are around as we are often off site
Mileage is unlimited within the UK for hires of 7 nights or more. For European travel we operate a fair usage policy, we loosely base this on 200 miles per day. Exceptions can be made to this rule in certain circumstances as long as the extra mileage is for genuine holiday purposes.
Yes, pets are welcome at a charge of £50 per hire, which covers extra valet costs. Extra charges will apply in case of soiling or excessive mess caused by pets. Any damages caused by pets are not covered by insurance and payable in full, over and above the excess.